Internet Purchasing Policy

We urge you to consider the following points before you make a wood flooring purchase:

Professional installation is key to the long-term performance of your wood floor, and key to your satisfaction. The number one cause of consumer dissatisfaction with wood flooring performance and appearance is poor installation. Wood Pro retailers and contractors are proficient in installing all of our flooring products.

Wood Pro cannot and will not guarantee that flooring purchased over the internet is ‘first-quality’. Only first-quality merchandise is covered by Wood Pro Suppliers’ product warranties. Keep in mind that a price that seems “too good to be true” probably is exactly that – too good to be true.

Finally, please consider more than just price when selecting a new floor. Consider the value of advice from trained salespeople; the beauty of professional installation; and the peace of mind knowing that you have a local businessperson to call on with any future questions about your purchase.

If you have any questions, please click on the locations tab above and contact the closest Wood Pro branch near you.

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